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My First Two Weeks After Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

I was “sleeved” on July 10, 2018. The surgery named Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), also known as Gastric Sleeve, is a bariatric weight loss surgery procedure where nearly 90% of my stomach was cut out and the rest was stapled together to form a pouch resembling a small banana. 

I am glad that I choose to write about my first two weeks nearly 12 months after my surgery. Those are by far the toughest two weeks in your first-year journey. Each week after that progressively got better for me, but if you would have asked me what I thought about getting the surgery during those first two weeks I would have not responded positively.

Sip It Up!

This period is known as the “liquid stage”. Most surgeons require the patient to only drink liquids during this phase. The main reason for this is to allow your new stomach time to heal. Adding any type of solid food could risk blowing a staple and leaking stomach acid into your body. NOT WHAT YOU WANT!


Stay In the Box

I was told to “stay in the box”. Only drink water, broth, Crystal Light, or some protein drinks like Premier Protein. That is pretty much what I lived on, which was actually fine with me because I wasn’t the least bit hungry.

The one thing to remember as far as food goes, is to sip your liquid. Small amounts all day long. It is a weird task, because you want to gulp, because you will probably start feeling dehydrated, but you don’t want to drink anything because you can’t stand the idea of something in your body. If that sounds confusing to you, it was.

I couldn’t stand the protein shakes, they felt very heavy in my stomach, and my taste buds were going crazy. Before the surgery, I was drinking the Caramel Premier Protein shakes, which tasted great to me before surgery, but after I just could not stomach the taste. Some people say they couldn’t stand the taste of water, but that is really all that I wanted. During my one week post-operative appointment with my surgeon, he wasn’t too worried about me getting in protein during the first one or two weeks. The most important thing for him was to stay hydrated. 

Gas Pain

One of the things that I remember was a lot of gas pains in my chest. I felt like I was going to pop inside. The instructions were to walk, walk, and walk. I had to force myself to get up and out the first three days, but by the 4th it started to feel better and I could tell that I was burping out gas, which made me feel so much better. My advice to anyone that is getting the surgery is to make yourself get up and walk, even if you don’t want to. You will feel better faster.

Milk of Magnesia Sucks!

The heading for this section isn’t necessary, but I just wanted to make sure that I told the world how I feel about it. Granted that I didn’t like it prior to having the surgery, but I REALLY didn’t like it after the surgery. My surgeon told me to sip it, to help with bowel movements, but I just couldn’t do it. It would make me heave every time I tried to sip, which wasn’t too many times.

All of that to say that I was urinating just fine, but it did take a good 4 to 5 days for me to produce a BM. After that, I was perfectly fine. Just a new normal.

I would do it again!

After a year of changes, I would definitely go through that pain again to achieve the results, that I have had. I am so much healthier now. I can get up and have the energy to do things. All my ailments are gone and I will be here for my kids. Many people are scared of premature death. The risk of complications is extremely low and the stress of carrying excessive weight on your body will have horrible effects on your body, leading to premature death.

Don’t let fear get in your way!

Musician, Educator, Social Entrepreneur, and Blogger Rey started this blog to chronical his Weight Loss Surgery. His surgery date was July 10, 2018


  • Col

    Thank you for your blog. I had surgery Monday and I am in the sip, sip, sip, no keep going, sip some more stage!!

    I’m looking forward to reading your next post.

    I don’t see my consultant until week 5 and dietician week 4, though if I have any issues can contact them.

    I have to say I am feeling better then I expected to!

    • Rey Ramirez

      Col, thank you so much for reading! It makes my heart happy that someone is out there reading my words and it gives me encouragement to keep doing it.

      Congrats on your new life decision! Keep going and be strong. Those first two weeks will soon seem like a distant memory and you will be getting used to the new you!

      • Theresa

        I am 10 days post op, I also had the sleeve and I was a bit worried if my procedure was done right. I have had no complications at all so far, I am able to drink about 49oz of water in a 24 hrs span, I’m having egg drop soup for lunch daily (about half a cup) I am currently on a full liquid with some soft food diet. I can take small bites of food and have no issues, could something possibly be wrong with my sleeve?.. am I one of the lucky ones? I will be reading all your blogs and when it’s my time I will be using your recipes.

        • Rey Ramirez

          Theresa, congratulations on your new life! I think you are doing great. I was only on liquids the first two weeks and then soft food for the following two weeks. While I probably could have handled the soft food earlier, I wanted to stay in the box and protect my stomach. While I was feeling better and stronger by 10 days in, I know my stomach still had a lot of trauma that it went through inside. Unless your Dr. says otherwise, I encourage you to take things slow and don’t push yourself. While it feels like a long time now, it really isn’t in the scheme of things. Good luck and please subscribe to my newsletter if you can.

  • Mariah

    I’m getting the sleeve soon and i’m so excited to start my new life!
    I’m only 18 but I’ve always had an issue with weight. I enjoy reading things like this so I can be prepared for the next couple months. Thank you for sharing your story!

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