The Perfect 7-Calorie Lemonade

There is nothing better on a hot day that a nice cold glass of lemonade. It brings me back to my childhood when I would be playing all day long and would come home after a long day of riding my bike (Yes, I’m a Gen Xer!) and refueling with a glass of ice cold golden goodness. Usually made with a mound of sugar! I remember one summer in high school when I was attending a camp at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh that I was introduced to Arizona Ice Tea’s Arnold Palmer drink. That got me hooked to the lemonade / ice tea mix.

Now that I have had my Gastric Sleeve surgery and my stomach is the size of a small banana, the sugar laden drink is not longer the first thing I reach for. But, I still want the taste, and I have tried other substitutes like Crystal Light, but they just don’t taste as good as me making my own low calorie lemon aid at home. At 7 calories per 8 ounce glass, it beats the traditional lemon aid drink and taste just as good.

3 Ingredients

Mix these three ingredients together and enjoy!

  1. 1/3 cup + 1.5 Tbsp of spoonable Truvia 
  2. 6.5 cups of water
  3. 1 cup of lemon juice

Note: You can also use Truvia’s baking blend, but it will add calories to the mix. Using 1/2 cup of the baking blend will make each 8 oz drink 37 calories. I really don’t taste much of a difference, so I opt for the lower calorie option.

Yep...It's That Easy

Use Milo's No Calorie Tea for an Arnold Palmer

I like to use Milo’s No Calorie Famous Sweet Tea as my tea when making an Arnold Palmer. My preferred mix is 3 parts 7-Calorie Lemon Aid and 1 part Milo’s No Calorie Famous Sweet Tea.


Now Take A Load Off and Enjoy!

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