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Baby, It’s Cold Inside!

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There are many changes that happen in the first year after Gastric Sleeve surgery. Outwardly, I was melting (melting fat), but inside I was freezing! One of the most significant internal changes was my body temperature. This is the first summer weighing 110 lbs. less than I did last year. Coming from Texas, I know hot summers, and when it is hot outside, the AC is pumping and making it nice and cool inside. BUT, this year it feels like every time I step into a building I am transporting to Antartica!

Two Extreme Seasons

The Winter and Summer seasons are extremes when you talk about the temperature outside, but for me, it has meant being cold all the time.

Winter Months:

I live in Virginia, so for the most part we get pretty mild winters. I can’t imagine living in a part of the country that has extremely harsh winters…actually I can, and I wouldn’t want to. I learned the art of layering. In the winter I wear an undershirt, then a dress or middle layer shirt, and then I wear a sweater or a henley. On the bottom half, I wear underwear, long johns or compression base layer, and jeans or slacks. I also find myself doubling up on socks and wearing gloves. While this might seem extreme for weather that ranges from the 30’s to the mid 40’s…it is what I need to stay warm. When I get to my office, which isn’t the most insulated room because one whole side of the room has windows, I find myself getting cold again, because I am not wearing my outside jacket or gloves. I ended up buying was a space heater that I keep on my desk and warm my hands and upper body.

Summer Months:

Like the Winter, Virginia is fairly mild during the Summer months. It does get into the 90s but it ranges from the high 70s to the high 90s…with most periods in the upper 80s. Since it is so nice outside, I don’t tend to dress in long sleeves, but when I walk inside a building, I do wish I did have long sleeves to keep me warm. I drive an old 2005 Chevy Equinox and it does not have AC, but it does have heat…so in a way, it is perfect for me! My car is perfect ONLY for me, because everyone else is dying during the summer. I bring a sweatshirt with me, because I know I will get cold when I walk inside a building.

Why Does This Happen?

I lost my insulation. As I lost weight and kept eating enough protein, my body started targeting my fat cells. Fat is a great insulator for the body. For example, a whale uses its fat to keep its body warm in very cold water. Fat cells in humans also keep us warm and cozy.

Our bodies use energy, known to us as calories, to keep our body running. The expenditure of calories creates heat. Since I am 110 lbs. lighter, my body doesn’t need to work as hard to keep my body running, hence it is not creating the same amount of heat.

Are you feeling cold all the time? What are you doing to stay warm? Please comment below! Also, feel free to ask questions and/or suggest a gastric sleeve topic you are interested in hearing more about.

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