Rey Ramirez

My interests are varied. I am a musician, educator, and social entrepreneur, and now I’m trying to add blogging to the mix.

I have been overweight for half my life and now that I have been “sleeved,” I hope that the next half of my life is spent healthy and happy. I want to be there for my wife and kids, and while it wasn’t totally easy going through this life-changing procedure, it was totally worth it.

I have been on the diet train since I was 21 yrs. old and I have lost and then gained it right back. It started with 5 lbs, then 20, then 60, then I just started not keeping track until I finally got to 224 lbs. 

That was it for me!! I had done the dieting thing and it wasn’t working out. I could do it to a point…the lbs. would just shed, but at a point (about 160 lbs) my body just would not move further down, so I would lose hope and then start eating.

The weight loss surgery that I received, known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) or Gastric Sleeve, removed about 90% of my stomach leaving a pouch about the size of a small banana. (Hence the banana references throughout the site.)


My hope is that you find information, motivation, and comfort in knowing that many people have gone through this will successful results. I feel that now that I am a year out, that the real work starts. I will look back through my journey but also relate the struggles (and successes) that I am currently having.


Rey Ramirez

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